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Dog nail trimming St. Petersburg Florida

by Beth Teyber on 10/30/14

Does trimming your dogs nails make you more nervous than your dog? 

We have all read or experienced about how a dog can sense it when you're nervous and that's usually the case when it comes to trimming your dogs nails. 

If your dog doesn't spend much time outside, then her nails will need to be trimmed around once a week or at least once a month.

There is probably no one thing that cause dog owners more grief than the thought of trimming their dogs nails, so they seek a professional groomer, which in some cases may be the best choice if you and your dog are emotionally spent after a nail trimming wrestling match. 

Remember this if you take your dog trimmed on daily walks on pavement or concrete, you probably won't need to trim your dogs nails and the walks will do are great for you and your dog!

What kind of nail trimmers do you need? 

There are a lot of dog nail trimmers to choose from. Make sure the nail trimmers are sharp and the right size for your dog. Nail trimmers for dogs should be concave at the cutting edge, to avoid crushing the dogs nail. 

Dull blades or cheap dog nail trimmers will split your dogs nail instead of making a clean cut. If your dogs nails are short you could file them or use a pumice stone to shape the tips of the nails. 

You can use a dremel if you're really nervous, but this can take longer to slowly burr down the nails.

Because there are so many different types of nail trimmers, a one time visit to a professional groomer may be a good idea. She can show you the right clippers for your dog and how to use them.  

The nail clippers should be concave at the cutting edge, to avoid crushing the nail. Cheap nail trimmers will split your dogs nails.

Here are a few ideas to help you and your dog! 

To make the nail trimming for your dog a positive experience and don’t trim all the nails at once. Start with one nail and then give your dog a reward and stop for a few moments if your dog is nervous. 

TRY THIS:  hold the handle of the nail trimmers flat against your dogs toe pad and cut straight across the nail, this will make it unlikely you will cut your dogs nails too short.

If a shorter nail is needed, cut the dogs nail at a 45° angle of the quick. (The quick is the pink area within the nail where the nerves and blood vessels are, just like our nails.) 

Does your dog have black nails? 

Look at the bottom of your dogs nail; notice that the tip the dogs nail separates into a triangle shape with two outer parts and there's no quick here and it's safe to cut the tip of the nail off. 

If this seems hard you can try cutting straight across from the pad, rather than attempting to cut up at a 45° angle. You can also use gentle pressure with the nail trimmers, and if your dog reacts to the pressure, you're probably too close to the quick, so move the clippers further down the nail.

If you cause your dogs nails to bleed...

You can use a clean bar of soap and run it under the damaged nail. The soap will stop the bleeding. If your dog is really nervous about nail trimming, call us and we'll show you how to effectively trim your dogs nails. 

If your dog is older...

Older dogs have longer quicks and harder nails nails. Try clipping your older dogs nails right after bathing, when the dogs nails will be softer. 

When trimming your dog’s nails remember to keep the treats nearby and take time to clearly see the quick beneath the nail.

We hope this helps and call us anytime at 727-525-9799 and we'll gladly help you with clipping your dogs nails. 

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