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Eliminate The Pet Hair From our Shedding Pets

by Beth Teyber on 08/03/18

Dogs not requiring frequent clipping have a double coat that shed.  Leaving hair around your home, auto, and clothing.  These pets require shedding tools to remove the undercoat.   For years the FURminator (long hair DeShedding comb or brush), has been our best tools that removes the dead fur from our dogs. Until now, I would like to introduce the NEW and IMPROVED CLIPPER VAC DeSHEDDING TOOLS.  unlike the FURminator,  The Clipper Vac DeShedding Tools are much quieter and do not have any blades that causes the new healthy hair to break or get cut,  Does not cause balding in our pets, The Clipper Vacs suction lifts up the healthy hair and removes only the DEAD unwanted Shedding hair from our Beloved pets. The new DeShedding Clipper Vac Shorty and The Rake and Vac Pro are now available at MY SALON. Stop by and test out the NEW TECHNOLOGY.      

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