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Grooming problem dogs St Petersburg

by Beth Teyber on 07/12/15

Grooming problem dogs

Dog groomers face a variety of problems every day from dogs that hate to be groomed and bite, as well as dogs that have extremely matted hair because of a lack of brushing and bathing. Grooming your dog and brushing your dog on a daily basis can be a challenge with so many other distractions.

Dealing with problem dogs is always a consideration when you’re taking your dog to be groomed for the first time or changing grooming salons. Making sure your dog is getting the kind of care it needs can be time consuming and that’s where Piccadilly Pet Salon can help you.

Finding a great pet grooming Salon can be hard!

Having your beloved dog groomed at a new pet grooming salon can be an emotional decision, so if you're a new pet owner looking to groom your dog, here are a few things that you should be concerned with.

How often does your dog need bathing?

The more active your dog is, the more bathing and grooming your dog will require. Your dog’s hair texture is a deciding factor in how often your dog needs grooming and bathing. Curly hair of breeds like schnauzers and west highland terriers will need more baths than long haired dogs.

Remove dirt and debris from your dog’s skin
Continuously removes dead hair
Will enhance your dog’s appearance, if that’s important for you

Tip: Regular brushing will reduce the need for frequent baths

Tip: make sure you use a dog shampoo for dogs. Shampoos for humans are acidic and your dog’s skin is ph. neutral so using a dog shampoo is important..

Brushing your dog’s hair is extremely important

The amount of brushing your dog needs will depend on its environment and level of activity; an active dog requires more brushing. Your dog should be brushed at least every other day to reduce matting.

Dog behavior while being groomed can be a problem

If your dog is being groomed for the first time or dislikes grooming, you need to make sure you schedule grooming sessions for when your dog is relaxed and keep grooming sessions short and then gradually lengthen the sessions until your dog becomes comfortable with being groomed.

We handle many dogs that are extremely nervous that come to love being groomed after 3 or 4 sessions where the dog is not being rushed.

Most matted hair on dogs is from entanglements on a dog's topcoat or undercoat, especially if your dog loves playing in water. Long haired coats are also susceptible to mats. It’s important to choose the right brushes for grooming, because the wrong brush can weaken your dog's coat and cause matting.

We suggest using your fingers and working with matted hair from outside in and then brushing it apart gradually. You can clip mats out with blunt nosed scissors if brushing is causing your dog too much discomfort.

A dematting spray is a useful; apply it to make the mat removal process easier.

Safety concerns

We use bite proof gloves and muzzles for extremely anxious dogs.

We also use gentle, secure restraints, with quick release restraints if we need to release the dog quickly.

Piccadilly Pet Salon is a Clean, Calm, Shop

Pet groomers can’t be frantic, If they are, it's a good sign the groomer is inexperienced.. Excessive barking in a pet salon should ring alarm bells.

Hard to handle dogs

Always ask how the groomer handles difficult dogs. Groomers should never use a drug to calm a dog down, because, they’re not qualified to do so. This should only be done with a qualified veterinarian.

Please call us anytime with questions if you have a problem dog at 727-525-9799

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