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Schnauzer ear cleaning

by Beth Teyber on 06/25/15

Schnauzer ear cleaning

Schnauzer ear cleaning and grooming can be more involved, because Schnauzer’s have hair in their ears and their floppy ears are a great environment for yeast infections as well as other ear problems.  

Yeast and bacteria in your Schnauzers ears is very common in Florida with our hot humid conditions, which is the perfect environment for growing yeast and other bacteria’s that causes ear infections.

Ear infections are serious and if you have the infection treated right away, your dog can experience pain, problems with balance, and hearing loss. We recommend inspecting your Schnauzer's ears weekly and taking the proper steps to make sure the ears are kept clean.

This really is the perfect example of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, because ear infections can be very hard to cure if left unchecked.

There are plenty of behaviors and symptoms that will alert you to ear infections:

  •  If your dog is constantly tilting there head from side to side…
  • Constantly scratching one or both of their ears…
  • Constantly pawing at their ears…
  • Any signs of inflammation or redness and bleeding…
  • Your dog is constantly shaking their head…
  • If your Schnauzer ears smell bad and have more earwax than usual…
  • If your Schnauzer dog yelps in pain if you rub their head and ears…

If your Schnauzers experiencing any of the signs you should have their ears checked.

Most Schnauzers don't like having their ears checked or cleaned but, the more often you do check them they’ll become accustom to your ear inspections.

 Care of hair in your Schnauzers ears:

The hair in your Schnauzers ears will grow every month and removing this excess hair is part of the grooming process for Schnauzers. If your dog’s hair becomes too long in their ears, wax and dirt will build up build up and create the perfect environment for infections and the growth of yeast in the moist inner ear.

One of the biggest problems caused by poor ear maintenance is, air can’t circulate through the ear canals to keep them dry. Moisture trapped in the ear canal creates the perfect place for bacteria to grow.

The Schnauzers Ear Cleaning involves:

Making sure you have a high quality ear wash solution, ear powder for dogs, cotton balls and clean tweezers and Q tips.

Inspecting your dog's ears is the first step and if your Schnauzer isn’t used to ear inspections, you’ll get resistance, but this will slowly go away as your dog becomes accustom to ear inspection and you rid the dogs ears of painful infections.

Always inspect your Schnauzers inner and outer ears, checking excessive wax, dirt, mites, fleas, inflammation, discharges and bad smells. Your goal is to make sure your Schnauzer's ears will always be pink and free of odors.

The next step is to remove excess Inner ear hair, by using your tweezers to pluck the excess hair out of the inner ear canal. You can use your fingers if you don’t have tweezers. Don’t pull on the hair of the ear flaps, only the hair inside the ear canal, removing only enough hair to let air circulate in the ear canal.  

There are some good anti-fungal and anti-bacterial products to get rid of smelly ears and heal topical infections. Call us anytime and we’ll recommend just the right product for your Schnauzers ears.

The next step would be using a Q tip or cotton swab to clean the outer ear canal. Moistening a cotton ball with dog ear wash solution, but be careful not to insert the Q tip into your Schnauzer's ear canal, which may cause damage to your dog’s ear drum.

If there are no visible signs of wax buildup or a foul smell, lightly swabbing your dog’s inner ear will be all that’s needed.

If a more extensive cleaning is needed we recommend that you check with your dog’s groomer or veterinarian. They will add a solution and gently massage the base of the ear to distribute it into the problem areas. Your dog will shake their head after a cleaning and this is completely normal.

Make sure you dry your Schnauzer's ears with a soft towel or a blow dryer on its lowest setting, to ensure you don’t burn your dog’s inner ears.

Weekly inspection of your Schnauzer's ears and inner ear hair is a good idea in Florida’s climate.

Please feel free to call Beth Teyber anytime at 727-525-9799 with questions. Beth has over 50 years of grooming and breeding and loves Schnauzers. 

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