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Self Service Bathing:
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We believe that a clean dog is a heathy dog, so we have tailored our reasonably priced grooming service to provide the haircut, pedicure, ear and gland cleaning, warm bath and blow-dry best for your baby.

Our professional groomers are dedicated to providing hands on care that will make your pet feel safe and come home looking great! 

We offer a 1 hour grooming service via appointment, usually with same day service Tuesday through Fridays. Saturday appointments are best made early in the week as they fill up quickly.

For the shedders in your life, we thin out the extra undercoat, bathe your pet and then blow dry.

Our staff is proficient in a variety of hair styles to fit your live style.  Pick your cut from the show poodle trim to the simple beach cut.  We cater to long haired breeds including Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, and Havanese, to name a few.
We provide our customers, both 2-legged & 4-legged, with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our dog loving staff members are professional, passionate, courteous and efficient.
Bathing your own pet is a great bonding experience!  

We provide a tub with steps for your large dog or a tub that is back-friendly for your smaller dogs.  Also included are high quality shampoos, cream rinse, towels, dryers, even brushes and grooming tools...all you need to bring is your best friend!  

We will even teach you the correct way to trim nails for home maintenance.
Need some help with basic behavior for your pet? We offer professional basic obedience coupled with dog psychology to make you proud of your pet’s behavior.
Beth boards a few pets in a friendly, calm home environment.  Ask her for the specifics the next time you bring your best friend in for a cut & trim.
Grooming Classes:
Many dogs have grooming and bathing fears.  Beth will help you with the proper daily techniques to help your best friend get over grooming fears, as well as bathe, clean ears and trim nails.  Class lasts about 2 hours.  
Pet Sitting & Boarding:
De-shedding Service
Need help with your pets shedding?  Our Clipper Vac system will safely remove your pets unwanted dead hair, protecting the healthy hair, skin and stress level of your pet. Call today to schedule your pet for self serve or full service deShedding.